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Reach our audience... expand your network.  Advertise with our Simma Wear customers and training camp attendees. Simma Wear is a one stop shop for aspiring and current pro sports dancers/cheerleaders fighting for a spot to perform and entertain on behalf of your favorite NBA or NFL team. We provide both audition wear as well as dance training to those in the pro dance world and our customers need you! Whether you're a makeup artist, tanning expert, photographer, dance teacher or just want to expand your personal brand, our customers are looking to you to be fully prepared for auditions.



who We Target?

We target aspiring and current pro dancers and cheerleaders ages 17-34 auditioning for major league sports teams including the NBA and NFL. In addition to the NBA and NFL, we target other pro league dance teams as well as colleges. Although we reach all females, we specifically target those with dance, cheer, modeling, acting, fitness and pageant backgrounds that would be most interested in auditioning for a pro team. 

where We Target them?

We target dancers all over the world with a heavier focus in the Unites State of America. 

Sales & Site Visit Breakdown:

  • 85% US
  • 6% Ireland
  • 2% Canada
  • <1%: India, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, Mexico, France, Russia, Sweden
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why They Need you?

Our customers and trainees are constantly looking for all services in order to make a team. Dancers are judged not only on dancing skills but physical appearance making it necessary to find the right people to prepare them not only before but the day of auditions as well.

People in need:

-Make up artists    -Hair artists    -Tanning salons    - Dance Classes/Teachers    -Personal Trainers/Nutrition Coaches    -Beauty Companies & Products: Bronzer, Eyelashes, Hairspray, Tights    -Nail Technicians    -Laser Removal/Waxing   

Plus many more....               

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Market Research



NBA/NFL Auditions

- 30 NBA Teams & 32 NFL Teams

-100-500 dancers/cheerleaders audition per team.

-6,200-31,000 per season.

-Average audition length 1-2 weeks.


Colleges & Other Pro Teams

- 175+ other pro leagues with pro dancers and cheerleaders: NHL, MLS, CFL, MASL, AHL, NLL, MLB, CHL, ECHL, BBL, UIFL, PIFL, IFL, WNBA, NASL, NBDL, WTT, MILB, USARL

-Unlimited reach with college and competitive dancers and cheerleaders.

-Colleges dancers and cheerleaders are most likely to audition for a pro team during and after college. Key Simma Wear focus.

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Simma Wear Training

- Each 3 month training program can hold up to 120 trainees with an unlimited reach for online students.

-Training program takes place in the Bay Area, CA

-Program runs January-March 2018 & May-July 2018


Simma Wear Online

12/2017 Data:

-1,500 visits for December

-4,000 page views for December. US & Canada top markets

-Data increases during prime seasons February-August


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Simma Wear Instagram

12/2017 Data:

-Instagram @simmawear: 25,000 Impressions weekly on post

-2,000 profile views + 175 Website Clicks Weekly

- Data increases during prime seasons February-August.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney

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