Oops I Did It Again! (Yellow/Blue)

Oops I Did It Again! (Yellow/Blue)

from 140.00
  • Full Rhinestone Deep V Top W/ Adjustable Two Hole Hook
  • 400 LT Topaz/Sapphire/Crystal AB 100% Swarovski Rhinestones
  • Choose "Extreme Bling" to have more and closer rhinestones! (not pictured). 

Pair Options:

  1. "Baby Got Back! (Yellow/Blue)" Briefs
  2. "You Know My Hips Don't Lie! (Yellow/Blue)" Shorts
  3. "Shine Bright Like A Diamond! (Crystal AB)" Earrings
  4. "Shine Bright Like A Diamond! (LT Topaz)" Earrings
  5. "Shine Bright Like A Diamond! (Sapphire)" Earrings

MAKE IT A KIT! Go to "Make It A Kit" to add both earrings and footless tights for your complete audition day look!

-All orders come with an audition day makeup bag-


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