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And Here It Is...The Simma Wear Blog Is Now Up And Running!

Allow me to (re)introduce myself, my name’s Simmone…

and I’m the owner of Simma Wear and the Simma Wear Training Program!

I never thought in a billion years I would start a blog, to be quite honest, I’m a pretty private person and not a hug fan of the spotlight (unless it’s on a stage of course). However, over the last couple of weeks I’ve felt the need to do this. And here’s why..

Both during and after my time dancing for the Golden State Warriors, I’ve found myself constantly defending not only this world but my own character. Whether it’s the dreaded “Did you even get paid when you were a cheerleader?” or the famous “Did you ever date the players?”… two things were certain: One, people are intrigued by this life and two, there’s always been such a huge misconception of pro dancers and cheerleaders out there.

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