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Simma X Savannah

Where to begin…I have danced my entire life, but I have never danced at the level I had during the NFL Simma training program. I have a similar story as most other dancers who started dancing at a young age, however my journey and the challenges that came with it set my story apart from most.

I was a competitive dancer from age 2 – 14, but I stopped dancing at a studio mainly because of physical changes that began happening. I was always the cute curly haired girl who was bursting with personality and solid technique, but around the age of 10 my body started to put on weight and by that age it was clearly not cute baby chub. Unfortunately, my dance teachers lost confidence in me, which then led to me losing confidence in myself. Imagine how you would feel and how hard it would be when you’re just a kid already dealing with self-image issues. My passion for dance started to fade.

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